There is fantastic work being done in the NSW public sector and we want to recognise the people that make it happen.

NSW Premier’s Awards celebrates excellence in the delivery of public services to the NSW community by the public sector, not-for-profit organisations and private businesses.

By recognising excellence today we hope to inspire a brighter future for NSW and Australia.

Award categories

Our award categories are designed to recognise excellence in the delivery of public services to the NSW community. There are seven team categories which reflect the five key policy priorities of the NSW Government.

Individuals can be nominated for the Anthea Kerr Award which recognises future public sector leaders under 35 years of age, and for the NSW Public Servant of the Year for exemplary work and outstanding leadership from an individual working for the NSW Government.

A Strong Economy

Enabling an economic environment that encourages investment, innovation, and management of our resources to ensure a sustainable future. A strong economy is built on the economic inclusion of all citizens of NSW and ensuring that our public sector workforce is as diverse as the people we serve.

A farmer stands in a field of wheat

Highest Quality Education

Nurturing and educating our children and young people through their schooling life and providing access to quality lifelong learning ensures that we have the skills for jobs of the future. Focussing on improving educational outcomes will help to make the people of NSW ready for the future.

Two school children work at a desk with a teacher looking over them

Well Connected Communities with Quality Local Environments

Supporting the people of NSW to live healthier lifestyles, use safe community spaces, and be connected to vital services ensures a sustainable future for all citizens. Sustainable long-term planning and infrastructure priorities helps us to create communities and local environments that our citizens love to live in, supporting their mental and physical well-being.

Well Connected Communities with Quality Local Environments

Putting the Customer at the Centre

Listening and responding to the needs of our citizens through customer focused service delivery.

Putting the Customer at the Centre

Tackling Longstanding Social Challenges

Delivering better social outcomes for the most vulnerable and equality of opportunity for people across NSW. We are investing in early intervention, social support and access to justice, to break the cycle of disadvantage to reduce domestic and family violence, recidivism and homelessness to ensure our communities are safe and caring places to live.

Tackling Longstanding Social Challenges

Excellence in Digital Innovation

Digital innovation makes interacting with government easier for our citizens and our workforce. Digitally transforming the way in which we work and using data insights to drive decision making across complex issues benefits citizens across NSW as they interact with government services.

Excellence in Digital Innovation

Recovery and Resilience

Responding to the urgent needs of citizens and supporting communities across the State to recover and rebuild in the wake of devastating natural disasters and a global pandemic.

Recovery and resilience

Anthea Kerr Award

The Anthea Kerr Award is awarded to people who exhibit in their work a deep commitment to public sector values and identified leadership potential – attributes that Anthea exemplified throughout her working life.

Anthea Kerr Award

NSW Public Servant of the Year

Recognising exemplary work and outstanding leadership from an individual working for the NSW Government.

A group sit at a meeting table discussing work

Key Dates

Nominations open - Monday 24 May 2021

Nominations close - The nomination round has now closed.

Finalists announced - October 2021

Winners announced - Wednesday 3 November 2021



The Premier’s Awards for Public Service are managed by the Public Service Commission.

General Information
Public sector agencies should contact their Awards Ambassador.

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NSW Government Awards
The Department of Premier and Cabinet is responsible for coordinating a number of awards including the NSW Service Medallion and has significant involvement in the Australian Honours.